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Sunday, April 09, 2006

I Need Aftercare (and boyfriend)

So CG calls me yesterday and tells me he will be over in half an hour and to be ready as we had discussed. I was horny as always so I started to get ready. But CG showed up a few minutes early!

I had just gotten done in the bathroom when I hear the knock. I hurriedly threw my clothes off, and grabbed the clothespins and put one on each nipple and knelt at the door with my hands behind my head. I told him to come in. He came in and chided me for taking too long to tell him to come in. He grabbed me by my hair and dragged me to the living room. I knelt before him as he sat on the couch. He twisted the clothespins on my nipples causing me to wince. He kissed me and then told me to go get my bag of toys and something for a blindfold.

I did that and came back. He blindfolded me and then threw me over his knees. He spanked my ass with his hand and ruler until I was moaning. Then had me kneel in front of him again, with my hands behind my head. He then proceeded to use various implements to hit/bruise and in general torture my breasts and nipple. First it was the ruler, then a paddle, and then the crop. It was all I could do to bear it.

Then he ordered me to get on my back and spread my legs. Then he found my oversized dildo. You see, I don't use this dildo very often. But I do like it for those occasions when I want a very full, stretched feeling. I'd never actually had it used ON me. So CG put some lube on it and worked it in me. Then he started fucking me with it. That was just intense. I really didn't like it because it kept hitting my cervix, but he kept doing it anyway and I just felt totally fucked. I don't cum from just fucking so, he told me to hold the dildo in me and rub my clit. He then started playing with my tits again. Slapping them, pinching them.... But he wasn't too impressed with my masturbation and went for the Eroscillator. On the clit. On the high setting. It was so intense. I did beg for him to stop. And begged. And begged.

Eventually he did stop and pulled me to my knees again and had me suck his cock. MMm. I sucked his cock for a long time and then he had me get on top of him and ride his cock so he could play with and torture my tits. The look on CG's face as he pinched my nipples until I was whimpering with pain was so erotic. Knowing that my pain was turning him on just made it so intense.

Afterward, we stayed in bed for a few minutes. Then he got up and cleaned up and came back in a said he had to get going. Why? He had to go to the store to get some electronic gadget for his computer. So I was left there alone in my 'subspace' high. It didn't take too long for me to come crashing down. Usually I just end up getting really cold and shivering a lot. This time I just got very emotional. I felt really vulnerable and just really used (and not in a good way). I think aftercare is necessary and I didn't get any. I just felt this emotional void that had me on the verge of tears for the rest of the day.

I finally decided to email him and ask him if he had any intention or desire to get to know me as a person or if he just wanted to fuck around with me with nothing more. I still haven't heard back. So I guess that answers that question.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Home Depot, The Kink Store Near You

So my current beau is a computer geek. An evil, evil computer geek. We talked and arranged a date. He told me he was going to Home Depot and then would call me. I would answer the door naked.

CG (for Computer Geek), sits on the couch and has me kneel on the floor in front of him while he shows me all of his good toys: binder clips
rubber bands

rope (lots and lots of rope)
duct tape
a long ruler
thumb tacks

He first started by asking me what one thing I was supposed to do for him. For the life of me, I could not remember. He kept asking me and every time I told him I didn't know, I got a hit with the ruler on my ass. Finally, after pleading with him that I couldn't remember, he asked if I had charged the camera battery for him as he'd asked. I said that I had. I got it for him. He then proceed to tie me up. I got rope through the crotch and the boobies got all tied up. Here's a picture:

Once the tits were all tied up and turning red, I got a binder clamp put on each nipple. I thought clothespins were hard. These were very hard. WIth my hands tied behind me, there wasn't anything I could do about it but take it. He ordered me to walk on my knees over to the wall and then took pictures of me. I started whimpering in pain, rocking from one knee to the other, anything to make it not so hard. Eventually CG came over and took them off one by one, which creates a shot of pain. And just as I gasped in pain, he grabbed my head and kissed me deeply and told me I was a good girl for taking that for him.

He then gagged me with pantyhose and duct tape, ordered me on my back with my hands behind my head. He used the vibrator on my clit while fucking me with my dildo. It felt amazing. But he kept going. And going. And going. I thought my heart would leap out of my chest. I could not stop convulsing. And every time a hand would slip off of my head, I got a "thwap" to a nipple with the ruler. I begged him (as well as a girl can when gagged) to stop. Then he told me I could either keep taking it or get my nipples clamped again. I kept taking it....I convulsed more, got more hits to the boobies, until finally he decided to call it quits. In the end, I did get the nipple clamps again. Just for begging too much.

I was totally high after he left. I was incredibly tired from the long day, but I was buzzed! Today, I have some nice bruises on the boobies and ass.... :-)

Life is good. Kink is good.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Clothespins Are Evil

In my quest for something resembling a kinky boyfriend, I've posted ads on dating sites. Most of what I get back is some crude variation of, "Hey, let's fuck". But I have to say that I did recently get one response that just caused me to laugh hysterically. All I got in response was this picture. No "hello", no "I'd like to hear from you". Nothing. Except this picture.

In other news, I got attacked by clothespins. Ok, I had it coming. I did call my date a sci-fi geek.... Payback is hell. After a lovely date we went back to my place, where I got thrown over the knee for some lovely spanking and paddling. Then I straddled his legs while on my knees and he used the eroscillator on me until I was in convulsions and couldn't control myself. Then I got thrown to my back and my date decided to put a clothespin on my ear. Then another one. And then he made me tell him where I wanted to next one. He said it could be anywhere BUT my ear. But I had to choose. I decided on my breast an inch or so away from the oh so sensitive nipple. He put it there. Then he put another and another. Then as I gasped and looked at him with pleading eyes, he pulled at my nipple and put a clothespin directly on it. The burn and pinch was more than I thought I could bear. But seeing the look of total satisfaction and pleasure at my pain was incredible and I wanted do whatever it took to please him. He put a few clothespins around my other breast and one directly on that nipple as well.

At this point, I started to moan a little without realizing it. I whispered to him that it was really starting to hurt... He got my vibrator out, pulled my legs back to my shoulders and put it on my clit. I was writhing in pleasure and yet the motion made the clothespins dance and pull and hurt even more. Lose/lose situation. ANd I loved it.

All day today, I kept getting wet just thinking about it all. And wondering what he has in store for me next time.....

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I Took Some Time Off

But now I'm back. Kind of. A girl can only keep up THAT kind of play for so long. And plus, I ended up getting on a birth control that effictively made me impotent for 6 months. Now my libido is back and it's bitchin'!

My latest interest, I'll call him: SwampBoy (he's from the South) is just fabulous. Our last kinky endeavor was filled with intense knife play, ass paddling and choking and hmmmmm, so much good stuff.

I'm starting to like him. But high expectations lead to great disappointments, so I'm trying to keep level headed about it all.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Crushing Hard Core

I tried to deny it, to avoid it, but couldn't do it. It snuck up on me and hit me over the head. I have a full blown crush on M. I'm pretty sure he likes me too, but I've been wrong about my assessments in the past, so I just don't trust myself on this one.

He seems to want a girlfriend as I want a boyfriend. We've talked on the phone for 5 hours over the last 2 days. And he has written ads the last 2 days on CraigsList directed right at me. How can I not fall for a guy who would do that? I really want a boyfriend. It's been a long time and I really miss having that connection with a man. I am a nympho if there ever was one, but I also need the simple gestures of affection like cuddling, hugging and making out.

So on to the fucking fun I've had the last few days. Last Sunday I had my first Dominatrix experience. No sex was involved. I found I can be pretty convincing and have fun doing it, but there is zero sexual charge in it for me. The guy that I played with was in his forties, quite a bit overweight and very nervous. I started out by ordering him to strip and get on his knees. I then ordered him to lick and suck on my feet and toes - first the right foot and then the left foot. Then I ordered him to put his forehead on the floor and began paddling his ass. I swatted his balls a few time and really let his ass have it. I left some nice red marks all over his ass and back. He seemed to really enjoy himself.

Last night, M and I start talking on the phone around 10pm. We have pretty easy conversation and talk about everything under the sun, but mostly we talk about sex. We talked for about two hours and then M says, "I'm coming over there to fuck you. I'll see you in 45 minutes." click. I put on some lingerie and wait. I'm so excited! About 10 minutes before he arrives, he calls to tell me to set up the webcam - that we are going to put on a show. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I set up the webcam and a few minutes later he arrives. We start to broadcast and seemed to have some technical difficulties. It wasn't apparent if we were broadcasting or not. He suggested I start be warming him up with a little oral action. I was more than happy to oblige. I love sucking his cock. I worked it up and down with my mouth, licked it with my tongue and stroked it with my hands. I've got a technique down that causes most guys to quiver in ecstasy. After a little while of him pulling my head up and down his shaft he tells me to put my head down and gets behind me to fuck me. I am dripping wet and he slides into me easily and starts pumping. Ohhh, it feels so nice. He pauses while deep inside me and I grind my ass into him, I need it so bad. He then starts slamming it home, just pounding me. We both cum.

We then retreat to the bedroom where we lie on the bed and talk. It's probably 2am now. We are both exhausted. After a little while, I am horny again. I eye him mischievously. He looks at me and chuckles. He tells me to give the cock a little warm up to see if it is "up" for another round. I do so gladly and found his cock to be quite responsive. After sucking on him for awhile, he pushes me to my back and fucks me silly. I came hard, but after some time for him, it became apparent he wasn't going to be able to cum again. Ah well. We lay there - both exhausted and sleep deprived. About 3am, M finally gets his clothes on to head back to his place. I crash and fall asleep almost immediately. I had to be up for work in 3 hours.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Friday Night Hedonism

I left the last blog entry with M setting up an encounter for me. I had been a little tired and sleepy when M suggested this, but I perked right up at the suggestion of being fucked like the slut I am.

Craig's List is a wonderful free tool to use when wanting to meet people. You can place an ad of your own for just about anything under the sun that you like. If you want to find someone who will dress up in animal costumes and fuck with you - you can put an ad on there for it. If you want someone to fuck you while someone else watches - you can put an ad for it. It's FREE! The part that's even better, is that if you are a woman - you can get 20 responses from relatively good looking guys within 15 minutes of putting up an ad.

So M put up an ad and got a deluge of responses. Many guys get cold feet when they actually get a response from a real woman. But after weeding out the contenders, M picks a guy for me. He gets here about half an hour late, but when he arrives, he is impeccably dressed in a tailored suit and expensive shoes. He is a large man - think football player, black and attractive. After a bit of small talk I ask if he wants to go into the bedroom. He agrees. He goes in and I start by sucking on his hard cock. I stroke it and suck on it. I had been craving it quite intensely all that day. After about 15 minutes of that, I ask if he wants to fuck me. He grins and says yes. He starts by fucking me missionary style and then flips me over and just pounds me doggie style. I rubbed my clit while he did that and came hard. But he kept going and going.....He was drenched in sweat so I offered to suck him off. He accepted my offer. I then sucked and sucked, and sucked on his cock. He would not cum! Finally, he took matters into his own hands and jerked off while I licked his balls and caressed his chest. I then masturbated for him to watch while he jerked off and sucked on my feet. After quite some time, he finally spilled his cum all over my chest.

At this point it was about 11pm. I called M and shared all the gory detail with him. This made him very horny. He was a very tired guy, but I offered a blowjob with no return necessary from him. He couldn't pass that up. Meanwhile, since M had originally suggested I fuck 2 guys, I was emailing back and forth with a second guy. But the emails ended abruptly and I didn't get confirmation that he was coming over, so I assumed he wasn't and that was why M was coming over.

M gets over and we talk for a bit, but not long after, he puts my hand on his hard cock and I take it from there. I start sucking on him and after a few minutes I suggest we take it to the bedroom. We go there and as I'm giving him a nice blowjob, I hear a knock at the door. And then a second knock. Shit. The second guy did come over after all. Shit. So M, pulls back on his pants and goes out into the living area. He's barely conscious because he's so tired, but still wants to get what he came for.

The second guy that came over, looked nothing like his picture. He was emaciated-skinny and his hair was something from a horror picture. I sucked on his cock for a little, and it became apparent that he was having some anxiety issues or something. He kept making these grunting noises and muttering. He was slapping my pussy with his limp cock and it seemed almost as if he was talking to his cock. Eventually after some time he was able to get it hard enough to fuck me. He was long and kept hitting my cervix which is painful. He fucked me for some time and kept making weird sounds and faces. Then he lost his erection again. He tried valiantly to get it hard again, but I kinda suggested that I'd had enough. He then got up and left.

Oh, but I still had another guy left. M was waiting patiently in my living room. I went and sat down next to him and we talked for a bit. He was hard and horny. So we went back to my bedroom to pick up where we left off. After sucking his cock for a few minutes, he ordered me to show my slut-pussy. I did and climbed back up to suck on him some more while I ground my wet, freshly fucked pussy on his leg. That proved to be too much for him. He had to fuck me. He fucked me hard and well. Just as he was about to cum, he got up on the bed, took off the condom and spurted his cum on my face. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmy.

So we got up and cleaned up a little. It was about 2:30 am at this point. We were both exhausted. We went back to the bed to lay down for a bit. And he reached for my hand and put it on his cock. Lo and behold, the thing was hard again. Of course, being the slut that I am, I had to put the hard cock to use. I sucked on it good, and took it all in my mouth and really worked it. It wasn't long before he shot his load down my throat. Yummmmmmmmmy.

After this we talked for awhile. We were both exhausted and so he got up and got dressed to leave. I put on pajamas and fell asleep almost immediately.